Seedism 2018 Collection

Seedism´s 2018 collection offers our most popular strains that we created over the last 10 years.

Our collection offers exclusive hybrids that are the result of combining modern high-potential strains with heirloom breeding genetics we have been collecting since the 1990´s.

Each of our strains offers a unique experience, and through selective breeding we guarantee the highest possible yields and improved Cannabinoid and terpine profiles.


Our Kush collection is a series of hybrid strains created with our champion Pot of Gold clone, each of these strains is high yielding with dense solid flowers and a unparalleled terpine profile.

Seedism´s Kush Collection consists of pure breed and F1 hybrids of heirloom (clone only) genetics that has never before been feminized, due to their true F1 status these seeds offer consistency and stability and are perfect for both recreationl and medicinal use.

Limited Edition Seeds

Our limited edition seeds are the result of our breeders favorite expirimental strains and offer an exotic variety of yet untapped hybrid potential.

Only a few hundred seeds or less of each of these seeds are available.

EXCLUSIVESEEDCLUBa unique opportunity for serious growers and collectors

Seedclub membership includes 28 seeds of choice and an equal part in the selection of parent strains for seeds we breed exclusively for seedclub members

Each member receives 5 seeds when signing up for an annual membership + 5 seeds every four months + 5 seeds on a date of your choice + 3 seeds on a random date + seed raffles + competitions and give-aways + 20% discount on all seedism seeds

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP € 145,- Join Seedclub