Welcome to seedclub

What is seedclub

Seedclub is an exclusive community where members get to choose which seeds we make for them.

With a growing community we can create the largest strain collection from which our members can choose what parents we will use to make seeds of new and unique hybrids.

Choose your seeds.

Seedclub members will choose and receive a lot of seeds during their membership, at least 28 seeds of choice are included with each membership.

We also raffle more then 500 seeds among our members each year, have random seed give-aways and hold competitions where you can win even more seeds.

Design your own strain

Our breeders will use the parent plants selected by seedclub members so we will make the seeds you designed.

Our large genetic library offers the potential to make unlimited, never before made hybrid combinations, or to completely remake any popular strain in your own way.

Seed Buyers Club

Seedclub will invest and buy at least two new strains every four months, which strains we buy will be decided on our community forum and those seeds with most votes of our members will be added to our collection.

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Design your own Cannabis strain

An exclusive opportunity to create your own unique hybrid strain from our large collection of original breeding stock and more.

As Seedclub grows so will our funds which we will invest into purchasing more genetics, this means that the poptions are unlimited as we can buy any strain available as seed, we aim to work close with breeders and companies to ensure we add the best genetic version of the new strain as possible.

  • Exclusive use of the Seedism collection

    Seedclub members can select any of the strains in seedism collection of cannabis genetics to be used for our breeding projects.

  • Breeder Collaborations

    During the voting process of which seeds we should purchase, we will approach the original breeders of those strains and see if we could create a collaboration with them before we start the seed buying process.

    As soon as a see puchase has been made we will grow the selected plants and prepare them for seed production and aim to add the newly created strains to the seedclub collection as soon as the new hybrid seeds are ready.

EXCLUSIVESEEDCLUBa unique opportunity for serious growers and collectors

Seedclub membership includes 28 seeds of choice and an equal part in the selection of parent strains for seeds we breed exclusively for seedclub members

Each member receives 5 seeds when signing up for an annual membership + 5 seeds every four months + 5 seeds on a date of your choice + 3 seeds on a random date + seed raffles + competitions and give-aways + 20% discount on all seedism seeds

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP € 145,- Join Seedclub