Trainwreck Kush


Nobody truly knows the origins of the original first-ever OG Kush, and we will probably never know.

But many legends are based on older foundations, and not only do both the Pot of Gold (POG) and Trainwreck fit these criteria, combined they also show very similar phenotypes down to terpene profiles and growth patterns..

An instant hitter, Trainwreck Kush packs a might punch and an incredible taste, a unique hybrid with award winning heritage.

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We made this insane hybrid by crossing our Pot of Gold with our Arcata Trainwreck clone.

This combination makes this strain a potential contestant with the legendary OG Kush, a true Kush flavor and noticeably shorter in height then many of OG hybrids thanks to the true breeding influences of our Pot of Gold (F1), but with a psychedelic Sativa twist donated by the Trainwreck’s Thai heritage.

This is a high yielding strain with dense, compact buds all the way to the bottom of your plants.

In pots up to 11 liters the Trainwreck Kush is easy to control, her POG heritage keeps the stretch as little as possible, although the Trainwreck in her does want to grow large which will show when growing outdoors or in containers larger then 11 Liters.

Branch support is recommended, often needs to be topped and bend to stay under the lights.

A complex terpene profile offering an intense smell and taste making this a true delicacy to smoke or vape.

If these two strains are responsible for the OG hybrids we do not know, but she can definitely make a similar impact.

Flowering time around 9 weeks.

Trainwreck Kush
Trainwreck Kush