Tangie’s Gold


Orange Kush (California Orange x Pot of Gold) x Exodus

In our quest to achieve the highest and most desirable terpene profile we combined three strong flavors to create a powerful blend of funk and zest.

Bury the Tangie´s Gold in your soil and she will reward you with treasure of golden nuggets covered with diamond dust.

These seeds are only available through our web shop and as long as stock lasts.


Both Californian Orange x POG and Exodus have their own unique taste, Tangie´s Gold combines the two and offers a nice blend of sweet Skunk with strong hints of our Exodus clone and a zesty blend of the tangy goodness provided by the original California Orange clone.

The POG influences of the Orange Kush adds the much needed growth improvements to make the Cali-O strong enough to grow big and healthy, which is further improved by the Skunk influences of our Exodus clone which seem to work symbiotically with the kush phenotypes.

Tangie´s Gold is a breeder´s experiment, we really wanted to try this combination of phenotypes, but is not part of our 2018 collection as we do not have the capacity to add more strains to our catalog.

These seeds have been tested and have a 100% germination, availability is limited to 120 seeds.