The POG was always most impressive when we grew her in the Cannabis College during our Flying Dutchmen years, and we kept our favorite clone ever since.

By selfing this high yielding F1 Indica strain we offer growers a chance to try the strain that helped shape the path of many currently popular hybrids like the OG line.

5 female seeds42.00



The POG+ is a selected clone we found during our time at the Cannabis College where the Pot of Gold was one of our favorite strains to grow, and many visitors will remember the massive buds on our impressive Pot of Gold plants.

The POG+ offers you exactly those phenotypes that made the Pot of Gold the champion that she was, a complex terpene profile, pure Indica cannabinoid profile and easy to maintain thanks to strong vigorous growth but little to no stretch during flowering.

Seedism´s POG+ produces dense buds with even the lowest buds forming into solid nuggets, she is also strong in her branches and mostly able to support herself unless grown very large like outdoors or in greenhouses, then support might be wise.

POG+ is a high resin content strain and has proven that she can not be ignored in the world of high-end extractions.

Additional information


Hindukush (landrace) x Skunk (P1 selected for taste)

Nr of seeds

5 female seeds

Flowering time

9 weeks


Strong Kush taste with hints of sweet musk

Fertilizing Tips

Moderate fertilizer regime, maintain normal recommended dosages during both grow and flowering cycles.

Outdoor harvest

In Spain finished in October, not suitable for humid/wet climates


  1. Johnboy

    Deffo wanna try this strain sometime:)

  2. Peter Fronczek

    Loved the Pot of Gold and really think this is a great improvement

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