Orange Kush


The original Cali-O from the 1980´s as used by the Flying Dutchmen, is sure to add some tangy zest to the sweetness of the dense Kush nuggets that this exclusive Seedism hybrid produces.

California Orange is the same clone that made the Tangy and most current strains that have a citric, sweet or sour orange terpene profile.

POG is a true F1 from the Skunk and Hindukush and the Cal-O is a P1 (Pure Breeding) strain, this is as close to the origins of these terpene profiles as it gets and is good for growing and breeding.

Only a few dozen of these Orange Kush seeds are available.

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The mighty Pot of Gold crossed with the original California Orange.

Orange Kush is going to blow your tastebuds with a sweet citric/orangy twist, and a heavy strong flavor that you keep tasting for minutes after the last toke.

High yields thanks to the Pot of Gold, and very resinous.

Limited availability.