LemonGold Drops


This is a heavy-hitting combination of three old-school strains, the Pot of Gold (STS) x Lemon Skunk (Las Vegas clone) crossed with our highly acclaimed AK47 (Award wining Indica cut).

High yields, easy to grow, sweet and strong taste… these three qualities combined make the LemonGold Drops an absolute winner for every grower.

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Initially we created a Lemon Kush which was so good that we really wanted to release them, but there are already so many interpretations of Lemon Kush through almost all seed companies that we did not see the point to release yet another Lemon Kush.

That Lemon Kush we made was kept in our library for a while and temporarily forgotten while working on various other strains.

Last year we had some space in a room where we were pollinating with our AK47 and were thinking about what experimental strains to add to that room, and the sweet Lemon Kush was one of our mutual favorites to put in the mix.

The Lemon Kush already had a much improved growth pattern over the actual Lemon Skunk due to the POG we used as a daddy, and the AK47 adds to that by improving the stunned stretch slightly which in turn increases the potential yield of the LemonGold Drops.