The original Lemon Skunk clone is one of the most sought after genetics these days, combining this elite clone with our champion Pot of Gold resulted in a high yielding, sweet zesty strain with dense buds.

Not only is this a unique strain to grow, it also offers breeding potential when looking to introduce the phenotypes associated with either Lemon Skunk or Kush.

There are only a few dozen seeds of this breeders choice strain available.

5 female seeds50.00



Initially only used for breeding purposes to create our LemonGold Drops, but since we actually love our Lemon Kush as it is we decided to offer a few of these seeds.

Lemon Kush grows very easy thanks to the Pot of Gold we used, short internodes and quite bushy when topped early.

The true F1 status of the Pot of Gold also adds stability and uniformity to the Lemon Kush, which is also an asset for breeding purposes as these are never before hybridized or feminized F1 strains offering hybrid vigor to your breeding projects.

The Lemon Skunk we used is the original Las Vegas clone and adds a sweet sour taste with strong hints of lime and orange and is a refreshing combination with the heavy kush and skunk tones from the POG.

You should expect high yields, about 9 weeks of flowwering and a low leaf to bud ratio making her easy to cleanafter harvest.

Additional information


Lemon Skunk x Pot of Gold

Flowering time

9 weeks

Nr of seeds

5 feminized seeds

Outdoor harvest

Needs a dry, temperate climate to finish.


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