King Kush


The king of all Kush strains, King Kush is a hybrid of the Pot of Gold and the original Hindukush landrace strain that made her.

Arguably this is the most true to the original 1970´s hindukush that is available as seed and an incredible smoke for the true connoisseurs.

The King Kush is the purest Indica hybrid strain from Seedism seeds

Genetics Breakdown of the King Kush

Hindukush | Landrace pure Indica selected from 1000’s of plants in the 1970’s and the first original Kush used for breeding, this clone is the mother of all Hindukush hybrids known today.

Pot of Gold | The legendary Kush x Skunk (The Pure) from the Flying Dutchmen seed company, a true F1 hybrid, we have kept this selected clone alive since we found it outperforming all other POG seeds in the Cannabis College garden.

Our newest Kush hybrid is almost pure Indica with an incredible resin production covering the buds and most smaller leafs making it a perfect strain for extractions and the best hashish known to man.

Growing King Kush

This strain does not stretch during flowering like most other strains so you need to grow these to the size you want them to be before flowering, which is usually about a week longer then other Indica strains during our many tests.

This lack of stretch makes this Kush very easy to grow in any space, from a small indoor grow tent to an outdoor garden where the King Kush will become a massive Kush producing monster.

Flowering time is around 10 weeks

King Kush can take a lot of fertilizer during growth and flowering, we recommend to use the highest recommended dose of your fertilizers of choice.

Heritage Genetics

These are the oldest species of this specific geno-type (Hindukush) still alive in their unadulterated state, because of being this close to its origin you could use our King Kush for breeding purposes if you want to introduce pure Kush to your own strains, or even strengthen/reinvigorate the Kush already in your seeds by back-crossing your selected champion plants with the King Kush.