The King is back, and this time bigger then ever before.

Elvis is a high yielding, very stable hybrid with pedigree that dates back to the early days of ganjapreneurs in Amsterdam.

First we crossed our award winning Indica clone of the AK47 and crossed her with the Pure Skunk#1 from the Flying Dutchmen, to eliminate a high Skunk pheno we crossed her once again with the AK47 to increase the indica dominance in these seeds.

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Seedism’s Elvis is a strong AK47 hybrid that packs an incredibly punch and a fast flowering cycle of just over 8 weeks.

Growing Elvis

Our breeders have always considered the AK47 as one of the holy grails of Cannabis genetics, being a very stable Sativa dominant strain with an incredibly fast flowering cycle resembling that of an Indica.

Our AK47 is a clone we kept after growing her in the Cannabis College, this is the same as the one that won the Cannabis Cup for best Indica back in 2003.

The Elvis is a combination two powerhouses in the Cannabis industry, with the intense AK47 Sativa high (making it the most popular strain ever made) and a sweet skunky aftertaste that enhances the smoothness of the overall smoke.

These sweet Skunky aroma’s are not overpowering the spicey AK47 but adding an extra dimension, almost like a sweet and spicey mango chutney.

One of the main benefits the Skunk#1 adds to the Elvis is a shortened growth and flowering period, with a more stout appearance and a few weeks faster to mature the Elvis has the potential to become the biggest surprise of 2012.

Seedism’s Elvis, is a big budding plant and very high yields can be expected when you know what you are doing.