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Seedism’s NYC Diesel hybrid is a very intense strain, intense in flavor and intense in the effect.

This beautiful aroma will only intensify when their flowers start appearing, filling your house with unbelievable soothing smells.

Tasting seedism’s Diesel is an experience on its own, fresh and fruity beyond belief combined with a subtle hint of freshly pressed hashish.

This Diesel is a quick growing Sativa/Indica hybrid that requires just a few weeks of vegetative growth before being forced into their flowering cycle, this however depends on your personal requirements.

You can expect the the Diesel to gain about 100% in height during their 10 week flowering period. This strain is a potential high yielding strain, the large elongated buds from the Sativa side of this hybrid will, thanks to the Indica influences, grow more compact during the last few, important, weeks of the flowering cycle.

The Cannabinoid profile of the Diesel leans more towards the Sativa side, uplifting and euphoric, with the slightest evidence of Indica related relaxation, a great companion to a night out.

Additional information


Hindukush ( landrace pre-1990's ) x Arcata trainwreck ( S1 )

Flowering time

Estimated around 9 weeks, with professional hydroponics growers able to harvest in week 8

Outdoor harvest

When grown in a temperate climate you can harvest early October, due to the density of the buds we do not recommend this as an outdoor plant in mild and humid climates

Fertilizing Tips

As a fast growing, big flowering plant we recommend to use the highest recommended dosage of your fertilizers of choice, and you should use enzymes on a regular basis


One of our stronger smelling strains, therefor we recommend to use a strong enough carbon filter and if possible an extra in-line filter should be installed


  1. Peter Fronczek

    Love the smell, and great yield every time

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