Trainwreck x Cheese

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CheeseWreck is a perfect combination of two intense tasting weeds, the incredibly sweet Exodus Cheese and the pungent, legendary Arcata Trainwreck.

The stretchy nature of the Trainwreck has been surpressed by the Skunky grow patterns offered by our Cheese clone, making the CheeseWreck much easier to grow indoors whilst still growing into a heavy yielding monster when growing outside

Seedism’s CheeseWreck grows like most other Indica/Sativa hybrids  and can be grown in any system from organic to hydroponics and outdoors

These plants do not stretch much during the first few weeks of flowering, our test grows with topped plants showed only 30% increase in height and single budding plants around 80% before growth stopped

Besides the crazy strong smell and taste, CheeseWreck also holds a very potent punch from her diverse Cannabinoid profile, with high amounts of full spectrum Cannabinoids resulting in a dreamy, euphoric high

CheeseWreck is a favorite for therapeutic, mood-enhancing needs while maintaining a strong body relaxing effect, and the Amsterdammer finds it is his favorite when making art/grafitti and also when clubbing allowing consumers to fully submerge in the music and lighting effects


  1. Just a BLZBud Fan

    Now trying the Exodus, will try the CheeseWreck when it is back in stock, great work @amsterdammer

  2. Peter Fronczek

    CheeseWreck is one of my favorites, a combination of a happy high and a lot of good taste.

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