Champagne kush


This new hybrid offers all the best qualities of the finest Super Silver Haze with the yields and solid bud-structure of the Pot of Gold.

Champagne Kush has a strong taste with hints of Vanilla, strong Silver Haze after taste and very high THC levels.


Super Silver Haze (Champagne cut) x Pot of Gold

Our Champagne clone, a Super Silver Haze (IBL) we selected in the early 2000´s with a flowering time of 9-10 weeks instead of the normal 13+ with an intense terpene and cannabinoid profile, crossed with our champion Pot of Gold (IBL) clone to increase the yield even more and create less stretch during flowering.

Our Pot of Gold clone is one we selected during our years working with the Flying Dutchmen and Cannabis College Amsterdam back in 2001 and is one of the best yielding still, a true F1 hybrid directly of the original landrace Hindukush plant that is the mother of more then 90% of the good Kush available worldwide.

Due to being high up in the family tree they have strong hybrid vigor and will grow fast and bushy in almost any type of grow enviroment, she can grow big when you allow this but is easily maintained in smaller indoor setups due to the limited growth in height from the kush side of the Pot of Gold.

Champagne Kush is an intensely terpy strain with powerful Super Silver Haze influences and a fuel infused earthy Kush taste, hints of caramel, vanilla and sweet hashish are some of the commonly found phenotypes.

This strain tastes absolutely fantastic and is a true connoisseur strain.

Get ready for a very strong psychoactive mindfuck as expected from a true Super Silver Haze whilst  the hindukush side of the POG adds effective medicinal and therapeutic effects.

This Champagne cut has never before been used for breeding any other strain which guarantees a completely new range of phenotypes waiting to be discovered.