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The original AppleJack has been a popular strain in some of the hottest coffeeshops in Amsterdam back in 2001 and best seller in the Grey Area, the Dampkring and Abraxas.

Combining the legendary, multiple award wining Jack Herer with our  incredibly strong White Widow clone.

The Jack Herer we used was selected by the Amsterdammer during a test grow of several Jack Herer seeds from both Sensi Seeds and Homegrown Fantaseeds back in 1997, we eventually chose for the one that showed strong Jack phenotypes in the next generation.

Adding White Widow to the mix was quite an easy choice as it is a similar strain in both effects and grow patterns, making it easy to keep those traits whilst looking for a rich combination of terpenes to compliment this potent strain.

AppleJack is a quick flowering Sativa dominant plant that can finish her flowering cycle within 9 weeks and gives good to amazing yields.

They adapt very well to different environments and can be grown in smaller grow rooms as well as outside in warmer climates.

When growing outside in countries like Spain or in Cali, you can expect big heavy monster plants thriving in the sunshine, these plants can yield between 2-5 pounds each when properly taken care off.

The high is a perfect blend of a subtle relaxation of the muscles followed by a strong, very strong trippy head buzz.

AppleJack grows large fragrant buds and needs branch support to prevent your plants from breaking under their own weight.