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Discover the potential of true hybrid vigor

The Seedism collective have been collecting and maintaining cannabis strains for more then 20 years.

Together we have worked with some of the greatest breeders and managed the Cannabis College in Amsterdam from 2000 to 2009, during this period we got to try and experiment with literally hundereds of strains from both seeds and clones.

Today our library holds more then 100 "keepers" ranging from old breeding strain to modern high quality hybrids, our breeders combine these genetics to create our exclusive range of cannabis strains only available through Seedism and our official resellers.

EXCLUSIVESEEDCLUBa unique opportunity for serious growers and collectors

Seedclub membership includes 28 seeds of choice and an equal part in the selection of parent strains for seeds we breed exclusively for seedclub members

Each member receives 5 seeds when signing up for an annual membership + 5 seeds every four months + 5 seeds on a date of your choice + 3 seeds on a random date + seed raffles + competitions and give-aways + 20% discount on all seedism seeds

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP € 145,- Join Seedclub