We are the seedism collective

Observation is the fuel to innovation

We are small collective of breeders and growers dedicated to maintaining, and experimenting with, a large gene-pool of old and new cannabis strains.

Our library of true F1 hybrids, landrace and IBL genetics hold some of the rarest and most sought after strains that stood at the birth of many popular strains available today.

We combine our heirloom breeding genetics with selected phenotypes from the best hybrid strains collected over more then 20 years.

Our collection of unique hybrid strains are a perfect expression of their individual traits and terpene profiles, extremely vigorous and with incredible trichome production.

The concept of an -ism may resemble that of a grand narrative

As a collective we constantly experiment with new hybrid combinations, trying to find those subtle expressions in taste and effect that make a strain special and unique, aiming to create interesting new experiences while at the same time offering serious pheno- hunters a complete new palette of flavors to play with.

The secret of improved plant breeding, apart from scientific knowledge, is love

Seedism seeds is founded in the early 2000´s by Amsterdammer, Genefinder OG and Filmstar Gardener and officially launched during the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2007.

We have been privileged to have worked with some of the most renowned breeders in modern Cannabis history and have been able to study a wide variety of cultivars and their behavior through 1000´s of test grows over the last decades.

We continue to experiment and produce unique and potent new hybrids and will offer these through our seed catalog when we feel that you will be assured to grow something special from every seed you buy.